Funko’s ever-expanding collectible empire

Lynnwood’s Funko has definitely made it big. Literally, in that they just relocated to a 62,000 sq foot location, physically growing the company’s space from its previous 17,000 sq foot space, to match its overall growth. The company has taken off dramatically in the last two or three years, and now produces a wide variety of fannish collectibles, ranging from licenses with Marvel and DC Comics to Duck Dynasty.

Design of the products is kept in-house. The plans created by Funko’s artists are then sent around the country to other artists to construct models of the final product, which is made in China, shipped back to Funko, and go to consumers from there, either through online sales or through Funko’s distribution networks.

Founded in 1998, the company has grown from 3 employees to 29, and is constantly adding more licenses and more products to its empire of primarily vinyl collectibles. Their best-known are probably the POP! vinyl collectibles, which can be found in such broad markets as 7-11 and Barnes & Noble, to the bobbleheads that were where the company started. Now, Funko is on track to sell $20 million in merchandise this year, more than double their 2010 sales figures. In 2011, the company shipped over 2 million collectibles worldwide, and they don’t plan to stop any time soon.


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