EDUonGO makes remote education practical

A Seattle-area startup launched their flagship product earlier this year, with the goal of revolutionising education.  EDUonGO allows any person, anywhere in the world, to create a specialised education platform that meets their needs exactly.  Because of this flexibility, most of their 1500 clients are trainers or small businesses who create academies to train users in their specific product, but there are also uses for traditional schools.  A concept the founder called out is “flip-learning,” where an instructor records a session for students to watch on their own time; class time is then usable for other instruction such as asking questions about the lecture topic, or doing learning activities that work more successfully in a group setting.  In other words, students do the learning at home and the homework at school.

Founder Ridvan Allu realised the need for this sort of platform when he was trying to set up a training site for remote engineers working in Kosovo.  Given the paucity of fully-fledged educational platforms that can be set up by a single user, there wasn’t much available to him.  He brought in several friends with backgrounds in tech, and they spent the next few years building and testing EDUonGO.  It formally launched in January of this year, and, as the number of users show, found and filled a niche.


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