Port of Everett adds Austral Asia Line

The Port of Everett capped a banner year by adding a 7th shipping line, the Singapore-based Austral Asia Line (AAL), in November.  It’s a good fit for AAL and the Port; AAL’s specialty is shipping breakbulk and heavylift project cargoes to and from Asia, and also has stops in British Columbia, which Everett is fairly close to.  AAL plans to call at the port approximately once a month.

Additionally, of course, AAL’s expertise matches up with Port of Everett’s.  The port specialises in oversized cargo, whether breakbulk or containerized, for construction and manufacturing companies, notably Boeing.  Due to its strength in those areas, the port has been diligent about adding shipping lines; they launched their first three lines in 2005, and have continued to grow since.

That diligence has paid off.  The port exported over $12 billion in 2012, a 29% increase over 2011, which made it the second-fastest-growing port on the West Coast, and gave it a fifth place rank on the West Coast for overall export value, behind the Port of Los Angeles, Port of Long Beach, Port of Oakland, and Port of Seattle.


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