Tacoma to host tourism summit in 2014

The 2014 Go West Summit, an international tourism convention with a significant reach in the industry, will be held February 24-27 in Pierce County.  The convention will bring a significant bump to Pierce County’s tourism income, particularly since one of the highlights of the convention will be a series of five Adventure Day tours that will highlight key attractions in Pierce County.  The purpose of the convention is to be a venue for tour operators and suppliers from around the world to develop relationships, and Pierce County expects to capitalise on highlighting its attractions as well.  Having people experience a sight themselves does much more than providing all the glossy, attractive brochures.

As Bennish Brown, president and CEO of the Tacoma Regional Convention + Visitors Bureau put it, “There is nothing more effective than when people are literally here with their feet on the ground in the destination and that’s when you see people really in awe of what we have here.”

The convention is prominent in the international tourism community; according to a survey that Go West Summit provides its attendees, more than $14.5 million worth of contracts were signed during the 2013 show in Fort Worth, Texas.  The conference is expected to bring over 6 million visitors to that area in the 18 months following the convention.  The lack of a state-funded tourism department in Washington makes hosting the summit an even larger benefit to our region.  Initially, the organisers had reservations about holding the convention in Washington due to that issue, but they were impressed by the teamwork displayed by several of the state’s tourism alliances.


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