Seahawks fever

Seahawks fever is sweeping Greater Seattle, and points beyond, but perhaps the most entertaining expression of it is found at the Seattle Aquarium, a beloved destination for locals and tourists alike.  The Aquarium is host to a hermit crab named Marshawn Pinch, who has a tiny Seahawks helmet for his current shell.

The Aquarium’s press release regarding Marshawn Pinch says that he is a star scuttling back for his team, the Seattle Searocks, who came to Seattle from New York.  In his first playoff game against the New Orleans Baits, Pinch scuttled for a 67 yard touchdown that set off a Beach Quake felt throughout the intertidal zone.  He is sometimes known as the 12th Crustacean.  You can view his webcam from 9-6 Pacific Time here.

In much more serious news, the Seattle Seahawks, including Marshawn Lynch,  face off against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday for the last game of the playoffs, and we’re eagerly anticipating going to the Superbowl.  Lynch’s touchdown run against the New Orleans Saints last weekend probably caused another fan-noise-generated earthquake, similar to the “Beast Quake” of 2011, hence Marshawn Pinch’s Beach Quake in the intertidal zone.  Go Hawks!


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