Seattle couple brings education and aid to victims of sexual abuse in Vietnam

Seattle natives Thuy Do and her husband, Jesse Robbins took a life changing trip this winter to Cambodia. They decided they wanted to celebrate Do’s graduation from the University of Washington’s medical program by using their talents to meet needs internationally.

This is where they met Linh Doan, director of One Body Village (OBV). One Body Village is a non-profit organization headed by Father Martino Nguyen Ba Thong. He formed OBV in 2008 to save children from sexual abuse, sex slavery, and trafficking. Do and Robbins have decided to dedicate their lives to raising awareness about sex trafficking and helping girls who have been sexually abused. They teach parents about the importance of education for their girls. To this couple, working with One Body Vision is working for prevention and female empowerment. They believe that if they get to these girls and their parents early, and use education to help them understand the positive choices they can make despite difficult circumstances, it can make a huge dent in efforts to end the cycle of poverty in this village, and abroad.

To learn more about what One Body Village is doing, check out their website.


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