Seattle’s Sensoria acquires new Italian investor

Sensoria, a wearable technology development company based in Redmond, has just received a Series A Investment from Reply SpA, a design and digital media communications firm in Italy. In a new deal announced last Thursday, Reply SpA will acquire a 20% interest in Sensoria and will provide $5 million in funding for product development.

Sensoria specializes in developing products that using textile sensors to collect biometric data on the wearer – such as heart rate, step counting, calories burned, speed, and distance – which is then sent to a smartphone app in real time. The technology can even go so far as to detect your running form and give tips for how to improve it. So far Sensoria has created socks, T-shirts, and bras that have this embedded technology. It can be used by both amateur and professional athletes.

The partnership with Reply SpA will allow Sensoria to continue product development and testing with their European partners. The Italian company is particularly interested in improving upon Sensoria’s open development platform. “We are extremely excited to closely partner with Sensoria who has built the first truly open, wearable development platform…Together we can leverage the power of the Sensoria Developer Kit to reach out to business and technology leaders and deliver unique, meaningful and quantified experiences for our enterprise customers in an increasingly broader range of industries.”



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