2012 Top Trading Partners for Washington State

Some of Washington State’s trade data has been released, and the results are both enlightening and mostly encouraging. According to the Foreign Trade Division of the U.S. Census Bureau, the top 5 countries that Washington exports merchandise to is 1) China 2) Japan 3) Canada 4) UAE 5) South Korea.

China led as Washington’s #1 partner by importing close to $14.2 billion worth of merchandise. However, when removing pass-throughs (products that were not produced by Washington State but simply passed through for shipment), Japan ends up soaring to the top spot.

Looking at the statistic further, it is clear that aerospace plays a huge role. Of Washington’s top 10 trading countries, aerospace was the main import from our state for 9 of them. Our exports to the UAE, totaling over $5 billion, was thanks primarily to aerospace products. Other important commodities included fuel, industrial & electrical machinery, wheat, and wood products.

A last thing of note is the promise that Mexico holds as an up and coming trade partner. In 2012, Mexico imported over $2.8 billion worth of merchandise from Washington State, which is a 109% increase from 2011 and making it our 7th largest trade partner. That was the largest increase of any other country.


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