The greenest commercial building in the world…

is located in Seattle!

Located in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, the new Bullitt Center provides a true model for sustainable commercial development. All of the functions that run a commercial building – water supply, power, waste management, temperature control – are supplied as much as possible by onsite systems and technologies. The building also monitors the amount of electricity it produces vs. consumption. It feeds left over power into the Seattle City Light grid.

The majority of the building’s power is supplied by solar arrays. Waste is treated and composted onsite and features composting toilets. The building’s water needs are served by rainwater catchment systems.

Owned by the Bullitt Foundation, the new building aims to meet the requirements of the Living Building Design Challenge, an international sustainable building certification program. It is more rigorous than green certification provided by LEED.

This building is emblematic of Greater Seattle’s leadership in sustainability and its strong clean tech sector. Customers of public utility firms such as Snohomish County Public Utility District get their power from multiple sources including hydroelectric, biomass, wind and solar. Clean tech companies specialize in green building materials, renewable energy generation and storage, environmental assessment and remediation, aviation biofuels, clean sources of power for emerging economies, and more.



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