Innovations and Global Demand Boost PACCAR

PACCAR Inc. is getting a boost from international markets, thanks in part to demand for more efficient and specialized vehicles that the company is producing, particularly in Europe. Demand for the smaller, more efficient engines is also trending up in North America.

The company’s Renton plant is increasingly devoted to producing “off-road” vehicles used in forestry and other sectors involved in natural resource  in places like China, Indonesia and Australia.

In addition to its multiple production facilities in North America, the Bellevue-based company has subsidiaries which manufacture trucks in the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, and in Brazil where a new 300,000 square foot factory is soon to be completed. PACCAR generates around half of its revenue outside the United States.

PACCAR expects demand for these smaller more efficient engines to rise as builders look for cheaper ways to supply the growing number of construction sites in the U.S. Such innovations are helping PACCAR trucks remain some of the most in-demand trucks across the globe.


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