German company eyeing South Lake Union for Investment

During his visit to the South Lake Union District on Tuesday Governor Inslee described the construction, innovation, and growth in the neighborhood as “world class.” His words prove true as GLL Real Estate Partners, a Munich based firm, begin plans to buy a building leased by Amazon in the heart of South Lake Union. Amazon is well practiced in leasing office space in this area with over 3 million square feet already accounted for, but this sale may break the record books.

If things go as predicted GLL will purchase it for more per square foot than any other Puget Sound region space to date. With the amount and speed of South Lake Union’s growth, it is no surprise that foreign companies are giving it notice as well. Amazon’s 1.8 billion square foot headquarters, green house style expansion plans, and multiplying office space for lease is only a portion of the regions buzz. The Stack House apartment complex project is reaching for a platinum certification under Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) to continue putting Seattle on the map as leaders in green construction, and nearly 20 life science and global health groups conduct world class research there. As the governor put it the area is truly something for Seattle “to brag about.”


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