Taste Washington Day in local schools

For most of us, Taste Washington Day in our school cafeterias is something we’ll have to hear about from our kids. But that said, there’ll be plenty of students across the state who can tell us about it; September 25th is the 4th year of celebrating Washington-grown food, in all its diversity and abundance. A partnership of the Washington State Department of Agriculture’s Farm to School program and the Washington School Nutrition Association, the day is an opportunity to develop seasonally-appropriate menus, bring together farms and schools, and provide educational activities for the day. At least 60 school districts and 50 farms across the state have participated every year since 2010; this year is expected to be just as successful.

As part of promoting the event, WSDA can help match farms with participating schools. The event is intended to promote not just agriculture but also new markets for farmers and new foods for students. In some cases, farmers, or farm-connected students such as FFA groups, visit the participating schools to talk about the produce in the meals. The deadline to participate is September 1; you can find more information on WSDA’s site.


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