World’s best internet cities

Seattle was the only U.S. city to make the cut as one of the ten best internet cities in the world. UBM’s Future Cities is a blog that focuses on how cities are developing, and they recently put together a list of the best internet cities based on five criteria. They considered average internet connection speed, availability of citywide WiFi, openness to innovation, support of public data, and security and data privacy.

The major draw to Seattle was not necessarily the exceptional internet speed or WiFi but the startup scene. They also noted the plans to bring fiber internet to Seattle and the city’s Startup Seattle Program. Gigabit Squared of Washington D.C. will begin offering affordable laser-quick internet speeds early next year as they work with the city and the University of Washington.  Startup Seattle was recently handed over to the city from Red Russak who founded the program. It is designed to support the growth of the Seattle tech startup community in order to build recognition for Seattle on an international scale. Through partnerships, marketing campaigns, new innovation hubs, and a revived website they hope to illustrate to the rest of the world that Seattle has a thriving startup ecosystem.


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