National League of Cities names Tacoma a Digital City

This week, the National League of Cities conference in Seattle will recognise the city of Tacoma as a digital city, in recognition of Tacoma’s IT initiatives. The city has made serious strides toward developing its digital initiatives, and developing its digital customer base, with efforts ranging from improving cleanliness and functionality of city websites, adding online payment options, and creating a citizen request portal. Even more importantly, the city reports that it is seeing steady increases in adoption of the new technology; in the first month of operation, 24,000 accounts were registered on the new utility payment portal.

The digital cities ranking was announced by the Center for Digital Government and Digital Communities. Tacoma was invited to apply for the award, which is open to all US cities and towns with populations of 30,000 residents or more. The award was given based on an assessment of the implementation of new technologies aimed at increasing efficiency and decreasing operating costs.


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