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Boeing's 737 MAX 9 Airliner Takes Off

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Boeing's 737 MAX 9 Airliner Takes Off

Posted on Apr 24 by Justin Wong

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Boeing's 737 MAX 9 Airliner Takes Off

Boeing recently announced the success of the first flight of their 737 MAX 9 airplane in the Boeing 737 MAX family. Taking flight out of Boeing’s Renton factory, the 737 MAX 9 flew a total of 2 hours and 45 minutes throughout Washington State before touching back ground at the Seattle Boeing Field. Pushing the boundaries of technology and staying on the cutting edge of aerospace innovation, Boeing’s 737 MAX 9 follows the MAX 8 with added upgrades.

There is global appetite for the 737 MAX 9; Azerbaijan-based Silk Way Airlines, has already ordered ten Boeing 737 MAX 9 airplanes. The Boeing 737 MAX series has been sold to airline companies around the globe from Ireland to Vietnam!

A few of the upgrades include new CFM LEAP-1B engines which allow the 737 MAX 9 airplane to have superior fuel efficiency which reduces carbon emissions. The new aircraft also features added streamlining to the tail cone and wings of the airplane, which reduces fuel consumption by 1.8%. As Boeing competes with Airbus for market dominance, the MAX 9 and prospected 737 MAX 10 hope to gain Boeing leverage. Fun fact! The same month as the first flight of Boeing’s 737 MAX 9 airplane also marks the 50th anniversary of the original 737’s first flight.