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Luxembourg Royalty meets Chris Lewicki, CEO Planetary Resources

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Luxembourg Royalty meets Chris Lewicki, CEO Planetary Resources

Posted on May 10 by Sophie Hubbell

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Luxembourg Royalty meets Chris Lewicki, CEO Planetary Resources

The future of space mining is closer than we think.

Last month, Luxembourg’s Crown Prince and Princess including the Deputy Prime Minister toured Planetary Resource’s Redmond facilities after finalizing a 25 million euro deal in November 2016. 

Planetary Resources is a Redmond based organization developing spacecraft for Earth observation and asteroid exploration and mining. According to some space analysts, mining asteroids for water and other space resources could become a multi-trillion dollar industry. 

More than 30 visitors from Luxembourg flew in to Seattle to focus on the new partnership and to discuss the company’s mission. Planetary Resources plans to launch the first commercial asteroid prospecting mission by 2020 according to a representative from the company. “We are excited that the Grand Duchy is a partner and investor. Just as the country’s vision and initiative propelled the satellite communications industry through its public-private partnerships, their funding and support of Planetary Resources advances and builds upon our substantial accomplishments,” said Chris Lewicki, president and CEO of Planetary Resources, in a comment to the Redmond Reporter.

Luxembourg has a long history with the space industry dating back to 1985 when the government helped form SES, Europe’s first private satellite operator. In 2016, Luxembourg launched its initiative, a campaign on the forefront of asteroid exploration and mining and a focus of the Seattle visit. Luxembourg currently ranks 41st as a customer of Washington state merchandise exports according to reports from 2016.

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