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Microsoft Acquires Maluuba: Striving towards 'Artificial General Intelligence'

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Microsoft Acquires Maluuba: Striving towards 'Artificial General Intelligence'

Posted on Jan 18 by Sarah Armstrong

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Just last week, Microsoft was able to acquire the Canadian based startup, Maluuba. Maluuba works to solve the basic communication flaws that exist in artificial intelligence machines by creating devices that can think and communicate with the same capabilities of humans. The vision of the company is to eventually create machines that hold the same memory and cognitive understanding as human beings. Rather than simply matching text to keyword phrases, Maluuba machines would be able to respond to full commands utilizing the company documents and procedures and respond in a manner cohesive to that of the human brain.

According to Microsoft, their vision aligns perfectly with that of the the company. In a way, Microsoft serves as a building platform for the start up. Maluuba intelligence coupled with the resources of Microsoft will allow for the technology to be distributed on a large scale basis. Along with the technology, Sam Pasupalak and Maluuba co-founder Kaheer Suleman have assembled a capable team of researchers and engineers to continue to work on the project as a part of the Artificial Intelligence and Research organization. In addition one of founding fathers of ‘deep learning’, Yoshua Bengio will join in to advise Microsoft throughout the process and continued research. His expertise and advice has proven to be invaluable to the research team. Deep learning consists of a branch of machine learning that is based on a set of algorithms which attempt to model high levels of abstractions found in data; and is a key aspect in the development of artificial intelligence.   

Both companies base their work off the fundamental of having engineering and research practices coincide with one another, making the transition of merging structures easy and compatible. Both Microsoft and Maluuba released news that they could not be more excited about the acquisition and look forward to their mutual future successes.


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