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We promote, connect, and educate the Greater Seattle region for international trade and business.

The most internationally-tied region in the United States, Greater Seattle's leadership in key industries, ranging from aerospace to IT to biotech to clean technology, is built on a vibrant foundation of world class research, a diverse, highly skilled workforce, and a network of business and trade services. 

This is where the world comes to build our tomorrow. Come join us.

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Everett-based OceanGate plans to be first in the world to offer commercial...

Stockton Rush, CEO of OceanGate based in Everett, is testing a submersible craft that can transport customers 13,000 feet below sea level to explore the historic shipwreck. Read more

Australian maker of electric airplane motors moves HQ to Greater Seattle

magniX, founded in Australia, is opening its new headquarters in Redmond, Washington signaling the region's status as a global aerospace hub for international and US-based companies alike. Read more

Greater Seattle and East Germany: connecting through water technology

Cleantech and water technology represent an opportunity for further engagement with Germany, one of Greater Seattle's key business and investment partners. Read more



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