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2017 Business Mission to Japan


Boeing. Microsoft. Amazon. Starbucks. You may already know Greater Seattle more than you realize, home to some of the world’s most famous companies and brands. That’s just the start of why Greater Seattle is so great. Located in Washington State, Greater Seattle is one of the most innovative and internationally-tied regions worldwide. Its thriving economy, strategic location, and quality of life makes Greater Seattle the ideal place to do business, invest, live, learn, and visit. 

外の世界へのまなざし ボーイング、マイクロソフト、スターバックス、アマゾン、エクスペディア、REI。 グローバル産業のリーダーを次々に創出するグレーターシアトルは、米国でも最も貿易と縁が深い地域です。今日、ワシントン州は全米の中でも
長年にわたり一人当たりの輸出量が最も高く上位3位を占める州の一つとです。 まさに世界が私たちのビジネスパートナーと言えます。

2017 International Business Development Mission to Japan 

Learn more about the Greater Seattle region that our delegation represents!

Innovative Economy

Greater Seattle is home to one of the most creative and dynamic economies in the world. Our companies, research institutions, and universities are global leaders and game changers, having transformed how the world flies, communicates, shops, travels, listens, and even drinks coffee. 

Greater Seattle’s economy is driven by innovations that consistently transform the world. Our aerospace industry is the global standard: we build more than 90% of Boeing’s planes and have over 1350 other aerospace companies in the region. We are a world leader in cloud computing and software development, home to industry pioneers such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Tableau. And we have more than 500 biopharma, medical technology, and research organizations that are revolutionizing healthcare all over the world. Not to mention, Seattle was voted the nation’s most sustainable city in 2014 and is home to the world’s greenest commercial building. Greater Seattle is where new ideas and products are cultivated every day.

Connected to the World

Strategically equidistant by air between Asia and Europe and next door to Canada, Greater Seattle’s location couldn’t be more ideal. Our region excels as a global logistics & trading hub, boasting the 3rd largest container shipping center in North America, 4 foreign trade zones, and a major international airport that hosted more than 45.7 million passengers in 2016. With over 40% of jobs tied to international trade and business, Greater Seattle is the most internationally-connected region in the United States and is your door to the world.


Greater Seattle is recognized for having a highly skilled and talented workforce. We have the highest concentration of skilled aerospace workers in the United States and over 176,600 technology-based workers. And, more than half of the population in the city of Seattle has a bachelor’s degree. The region is also home to a major university, a world-renowned cancer research center, and numerous community and technical colleges.

Diverse Regional Industries

From aerospace and ICT to life sciences and maritime, Greater Seattle’s economy has a number of thriving industries. To learn more about them, read our industries overview brochure in Japanese or English. For more detailed information on each idustry, you can also click here.