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About Us

Welcome to the Greater Seattle region, one of the most creative and globally connected economies in the world. Our companies, research institutions, and universities are industry leaders and game changers, continuing to redefine how the world travels, communicates, works, creates, and even drinks coffee.

Innovative Economy

Boeing. Microsoft. Amazon. Starbucks. You may know more about Greater Seattle than you realize, home to some of the world’s most famous brands. 

Our aerospace companies propel the industry forward, improving and making aircraft lighter, safer and more fuel-efficient. More than 90% of Boeing jets are built in Greater Seattle and there are an additional 650 aerospace companies in the region.

Greater Seattle is a world leader in cloud computing and software development, home to industry pioneers such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Tableau. The region’s largest university, the University of Washington, is the top recipient of federal research dollars among all U.S. public universities, and recently partnered with Tsinghua University to create a groundbreaking partnership with the Global Innovation Exchange.

We have long been a hub for the life sciences and healthcare. Scientists out of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center pioneered bone marrow transplantation; institutions such as the Infectious Disease Research Institute and PATH are revolutionizing global health. Not to mention the cross pollination of talent to create software solutions in energy efficiency and collaborations between healthcare and aerospace to create astronaut life support systems. Greater Seattle is where new ideas and products are cultivated every day.

Globally Connected

Strategically equidistant by air between Asia and Europe and next door to Canada, Greater Seattle’s location couldn’t be more ideal. Our region excels as a global logistics & trading hub, boasting the third largest container shipping center in North America with the Northwest Seaport Alliance. The region is also home to four foreign trade zones and a major international airport. With over 40% of jobs tied to international trade and business, Greater Seattle is the most internationally connected region in the United States and is your door to the world.


Greater Seattle is recognized for its highly skilled workforce. Our range of expertise encompasses aerospace, software engineering, medicine, agriculture, manufacturing, cleantech and more. We have the highest concentration of skilled aerospace workers in the US and over 176,600 technology-based workers. Added to this, more than half of the population in the City of Seattle has a bachelor’s degree. The region is also home to a major university, a world-renowned cancer research center, and numerous community and technical colleges.

Diverse Industries

From aerospace and ICT to life sciences and maritime, Greater Seattle’s economy has a number of thriving industries. To learn more about them, click here.