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Emirates: cultivating a closer connection with Washington State

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Emirates: cultivating a closer connection with Washington State

Posted on Nov 10 by Soo Min Yi

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Emirates: cultivating a closer connection with Washington State

Emirates, an airline based in Dubai, UAE and TDA member, recently released information from a study conducted by Campbell-Hill Aviation Group on its economic impact in the U.S. The airline supported more than 104,000 American jobs in 2015, contributed more than $21.3 billion in revenue to the U.S. economy, and added over 580,000 new travelers to the U.S. The company's president, Sir Tim Clark, emphasized the goals of embracing open skies to increase travel, trade, enhance productivity, and stimulate job opportunities and economic growth. The airline currently provides over 350 connections between the U.S., Middle East, Indian subcontinent, Africa, and Asia, with strong ties to the Greater Seattle region.

Emirates operates at Sea-Tac airport providing direct international flights to China, South Korea, Taiwan, Tokyo, Iceland, Germany, Netherlands, England, Mexico, and Dubai. The company began offering direct flights from Seattle to Dubai in 2011.  

In addition to being a major partner of our airport, Emirates is also a major partner for our aerospace sector. The company has purchased more Boeing 777 wide-body aircraft than any other airline in the world, and operates with 163 Boeing 777 aircrafts. In 2015 alone, Emirates received a delivery of 11 brand new Boeing 777-300ERs and one Boeing 777-200LRF. Based on U.S. export data for civil aviation aircraft and related commodities, these purchases in 2015 generated approximately US$1.5 billion of direct revenue to the U.S. aircraft manufacturing sector, supported approximately 1,700 direct jobs, US$230 million in labor income and contributed US$445 million to the U.S. GDP.

Emirates is also partnered with Greater Seattle and Washington State’s agricultural sector, exporting Washington State cherries to customers around the world. Cherries are among our top agricultural exports including apples, hops, wrinkled seeds, peas, concord grapes, pears, green peas and raspberries for processing, blueberries and aquaculture.

For more information visit Emirates' recent press release.