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Local media company 'Heyou Media Inc.' gains international attention

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Local media company 'Heyou Media Inc.' gains international attention

Posted on Feb 01 by Ruth Krizan

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Local media company 'Heyou Media Inc.' gains international attention

Award-winning actor and filmmaker Tom Skerritt, unveiled Heyou Media Inc’s new digital entertainment products this week in Seattle. Heyou Media is a Greater Seattle-based multi-media platform that is accessible online, through mobile devices, video-on-demand, Amazon Prime and even small screens in gas stations. The company was first launched in June of last year to build more robust film-making infrastructure in Greater Seattle for the region’s enthusiastic film community. Since then, Heyou Media has seen a swell of interest both locally and internationally.

Heyou Media’s first release was a series titled “Heyou Reimagined Classics”. These classics are already being enjoyed by millions worldwide through distribution on social media. Using modern digital technology, well-known silent films are updated with today’s music, contemporary editing and dialogue, making them not so silent anymore. Classic favorites such as Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, and Harold Lloyd are being brought to life again. The company is tapping into a global demand for the silent film classics and are currently available to view on Heyou’s website, Facebook and Instagram.

Heyou’s second category consists of episodes created and shared on “Heyou Features”, to be viewed on video-on-demand or on Amazon Prime. These features highlight works by local artists in Greater Seattle such as Gerald LaSalle and David Guterson, bringing their works to the screen.

The third category of Heyou entertainment is “Mini. Mobile. Movies”. This is a global library of short movies, some as short as one minute in length, available for mobile and online viewing. Heyou will announce the titles of “Mini. Mobile. Movies” in the next few months.

“Heyou Media is responding to an exploding worldwide appetite for mobile digital entertainment by using our highly efficient and innovative curation and development process, and by leveraging decades of underutilized creative assets,” said Mary Jesse, Chief Executive Office.

Fun fact: According to the Seattle Times, Greater Seattle’s film scene is growing. A total of 506 permits were coordinated in 2016, a 22.5 percent increase from 2015, according to the City of Seattle Office of Film and Music.