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Getting Around Town

Getting to Greater Seattle
There are over 600 flights coming into and out of the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport every day. To find out which airlines serve this region and how to contact them, visit the Port of Seattle website.

If you are traveling to Greater Seattle from Oregon or British Columbia, you may want to explore taking the train, which affords stunning views of the Pacific Northwest.

Group Travel
If you are traveling in a group, we recommend hiring a local ground transportation specialist (van, charter buses, limo services). While we can all hail a taxi, splitting a group into several taxis can be expensive, unreliable, and risky when your important business clients are at the other end waiting. A customized ground transportation specialist can make your travel dependable, efficient and easy. For our ground transportation recommendations, email us or ask your hotel for options.


Public Transportation
Depending on where you stay in Greater Seattle, there is a mode of public transportation for you.

Seattle, Bellevue and King County: For movement across King County, METRO is the option for you. As a bonus, travel within downtown Seattle is free from 6am to 7pm daily.

Tacoma and Pierce County: If you are staying in Tacoma, visit Pierce Transit for you public transportation needs.

Everett and Snohomish County: Everett visitors can check out Everett Transit to learn how get around Snohomish County.

Across the Water
The Greater Seattle region is blessed by beautiful scenery enhanced greatly by its location on a major inlet of the Pacific ocean called Puget Sound. Business communities have sprung up all around the Sound. The best and hassle free way to get to these places is by ferry.


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