For the past 22 years, Connections has provided insight and analysis of international trade and global markets from a regional perspective. Read about our local connections with major world markets, briefings on outbound activity, inbound guests and delegations and discover our great member companies. Our newsletter has a readership of over 1,400+ worldwide.

Electronically, we have been publishing Connections since November of 2010. The print version of the newsletter, called Crossroads, was published from 1991 to 2010. If information from the print run is required, please contact the Trade Alliance.

Print Archives

Note that the volume numbers listed are accurate to the volume on the printed copy; due to printing schedules, it may appear that there are errors. If an issue is not listed, such as Spring 2001, which would be Volume X, Issue 1, we do not have a copy of it and are unable to supply it.

Volume XXIII

Issue 2, February 2012

Volume XXI

Issue 3, Fall 2010

  • The Power of 20: Trade Alliance celebrates 20th Anniversary in 2011
  • International Study Mission to Glasgow, Edinburgh and London
  • Other topics: Brookings Institution, International Gardens

Issue 2, Summer 2010

  • International Study Mission to Daejeon and Seoul, Korea
  • The Engine that Drives our Jobs
  • Other topics: Research Universities and the Knowledge Region, Steaming on the Bike

Issue 1, Spring 2010

  • The View From Our Window: Target Market Report of Greater Seattle
  • “Greater China” Business Mission to Hong Kong, Taipei and Zhuhai
  • Other topics: Business Week Program, MOHAI

Volume XVIII

Issue 4, Fall 2009

  • A Tale of Ten Cities: Talent Report for International Benchmarking Consortium
  • 2010 International Study Mission: Daejeon & Seoul, Korea
  • Other topics: 2010: Taipei & Hong Kong, Aerospace Brochure, PSLO: Istanbul

Issue 3, Summer 2009

  • Letter from the Chair: Scott Jackson, PATH
  • WSU: An International University
  • Other topics: TDA by the Numbers, Kitakyushu-Tacoma, PSLO Update, TDA Social Media

Issue 2, Spring 2009

  • Solutions for Global Health: University of Washington Department of Global Health at the Forefront
  • Desert of Dreams: Abu Dhabi & Dubai
  • Other topics: Microcredit, Hydroplanes in Qatar, Prime Real Estate

Issue 1, Winter 2009

  • A New Start: Promoting Trade: A Region’s Perspective
  • Training Day: Building Relationships
  • Other topics: PSLO Update, To Vietnam

Volume XVII

Issue 4, Fall 2008

  • Banking on the Trade Alliance: Trade Alliance selected in World Bank PSLO
  • The Bohai Bounce: Business Mission to Northeast China
  • Other topics: Business Mission to Vietnam, Our Economy is International

Issue 3, Summer 2008

  • Hanging Together: Reflections from a Past Chair on the Unique Trade Alliance Partnership
  • International Study Mission to Helsinki and Tallinn
  • Other topics: Iceland, Dubai leaders in Seattle

Issue 2, Spring 2008

  • Mission to the Middle East: Abu Dhabi & Dubai
  • “April showers bring forth May flowers”
  • Other topics: New look for website, Come fly with me

Issue 1, Winter 2008

  • “City of Destiny”: Tacoma Joins Trade Alliance partnership
  • Graduating Globally-Competent Leaders
  • Other topics: Trade Mission 09: North China

Volume XVI

Issue 4, Fall 2007

  • Bellevue Joins Trade Alliance Partnership
  • SE Asia Business Mission
  • Other topics: Photo Album: SE Asia, Disaster Prevention Center, Helsinki Preview

Issue 3, Summer 2007

  • The Global State of Washington
  • 1909 Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition
  • Other topics: Middle East Roundtable, We Deliver the Best: Extracts from Japan ISM report

Issue 2, Spring 2007

  • Arabian Gulf: Exciting Greater Seattler Partner
  • Talent on the Move
  • Other topics: Imagine the World, Smiling Tigers and Lions

Issue 1, Winter 2007

  • Trading With The Elephant: Business Mission to India
  • A New Day Dawning: Profile of Kitakyushu
  • Other topics: Robotics in Greater Seattle, SE Asia Mission, Abu Dhabi to Seattle

Volume XV

Issue 3, Fall 2006

  • Robots, Logistics and More!: Upcoming Study Mission to Fukuoka and Kitakyushu
  • A Region With Brains, Brawn and Heart
  • Other topics: Preview: Helsinki 2008, Distribution and Logistics Brochure

Issue 2, Summer 2006

  • It’s Got Style: International Study Mission to Melbourne
  • Red Carpets Are Us: Heads of State Visit Greater Seattle
  • Other topics: Target Market Report, India Mission

Issue 1, Winter 2006

  • 15th Anniversary
  • Building an International Franchise: 15 Years of the Trade Alliance
  • Other topics: India and China Missions

Volume XIV

Issue 3, Summer 2005

  • Looking in a Mirror not a Window: International Study Mission to Dublin and Belfast
  • Ploughing the Fields of Vietnam: Prime Ministers Visit Here Product of Greater Seattle – Vietnam Relationship
  • Other topics: Flying Sisters, China Mission, Export Resource Directory

Issue 2, Spring 2005

  • Finding Pearls: Business and Trade Mission to Travel to Southern China & Hong Kong
  • Dublin to Tacoma: Role of Public Transit Making Region More Competitive
  • Other topics: UW & Neptune

Issue 1, Winter 2005

  • Almost Like Home: International visitors feel at ease in Greater Seattle
  • Celtic Tiger: Study Mission to Dublin & Belfast
  • Other topics: Export Yellow Pages, Export Promotion Seminar, Entering the Dragon

Volume XIII

Issue 4, Fall 2004

  • Baseball & Business: Business Mission to Japan
  • Strong Logistics Team: Ports Market Together
  • Other topics: International Press Center, Faces of trade

Issue 3, Summer 2004

  • Pierce County Thrives: County Joins TDA Partnership
  • Building Blocks for Success: Greater Seattle: A Center for Bioscience
  • Other topics: Mission to Munich, Home to Festivals, Sisters in Spokane

Issue 2, Spring 2004

  • Husky High: UW is High In Magazine’s Rankings
  • Knowledgeable Region: Two Studies Highlight Greater Seattle’s High Tech Economy
  • Other topics: Norway Foreign Minister, Munich Study Mission, 7E7 Takes Off

Issue 1, Winter 2004

  • We Come Bearing Gifts: Trade Alliance Creates New Gift Guide
  • To the Largest Partner: TDA Mission to Japan
  • Other topics: Barcelona Bridge Building, Best Cities In Europe

Volume XII

Issue 4, Fall 2003

  • Drinks for Everyone!: Specialty Beverage Sector is Big in Washington State
  • Lessons from the Celtic Tiger: Mission to Ireland
  • Other topics: Introducing Hungary, Visa Program

Issue 3, Summer 2003

  • Now More Than Ever Partners For Prosperity: Letter from Chair David Tang
  • The Science Region: Greater Seattle is Center of Research and Development
  • Other topics: Washington – Japan

Issue 2, Spring 2003

  • Benchmarking the World: Shanghai Study Mission
  • Global Health Issues: Merck CEO Speaks in Seattle
  • Other topics: Catching Up With Celtic Tiger, Internationally Savvy, Greater Seattle & Munich

Issue 1, Winter 2003

  • “Above the Sea” and Rising: Shanghai City Profile
  • Celtic & Scot Silicons: Greater Seattle Business Mission to Ireland and Scotland
  • Other topics: Invest in Greater Seattle!

Volume XI

Issue 4, Fall 2002

  • The One In Three Region: International Greater Seattle
  • Deadline Greater Seattle: IPC Seattle: Eight Years of Assisting Foreign Journalists
  • Other topics: Maritime 101, Business Mission to Europe

Issue 2, Spring 2002

  • Port of Tacoma Joins Trade Alliance
  • FORÇA BARÇA!: Greater Seattle’s Leadership Visits Barcelona
  • Other topics: Fall Business Mission to Europe

Issue 1, Winter 2002

  • UK, Netherlands & Brussels: Fall 2002 Business and Trade Mission
  • Trade and Cuba: Trade Alliance President in Cuba
  • Other topics: Target Market Report, The World’s View of Greater Seattle

Volume X

Issue 4, Fall 2001

  • Bringing the World To Greater Seattle: Ensuring the Region is a Good Host
  • Good Morning, Mr. President: Trade Alliance Mission to Germany/Central Europe
  • Other topics: 10th Anniversary Dinner

Issue 3, Summer 2001

  • Trade Alliance 1st Decade: Branding Greater Seattle
  • New-Look Web Site: Prettier, Easier, Better
  • Other topics: Mission to Munich & Central Europe

Issue 2, Spring 2001

  • Trade Alliance 1st Decade: Missions Possible
  • A Lens on Trade: My Years at WCIT by Patricia Davis
  • Other topics: Trade Mission to Munich & Central Europe

Issue 1, Winter 2001

  • Trade Alliance 1st Decade
  • Asia Pacific Cities Summit
  • Other topics: Greater Seattle International News, Country Profile: Germany, Company Profile: William, Kastner & Gibbs PLLC, Company Profile: Duan & Duan

Volume VIII

Issue 3, Summer 1999

  • LOG ON: Washington Forest Products Industry
  • Other topics: WTO Update, Mission to Ireland, Trade Mission to China, Schmooze and Be Schmoozed

Issue 2, Spring 1999

  • Lessons Learned From Sydneysiders: By Seattle Mayor Paul Schell
  • Other topics: Conference in Japan, Bogota Looks to Seattle, Chinese Delegation comes to Seattle, State’s Overseas Offices Can Help

Issue 1, Winter 1999

  • Library Expands International Coverage: Exciting Times Ahead for Library
  • Other topics: Study Mission to Sydney, Pack Your Bags with New BizTripGuide

Volume VII

Issue 2, Spring 1998

  • Historic Everett Brand New: Everett Joins Trade Alliance
  • Other topics: Promoting Greater Seattle to Africa, Inside Singapore Inc.

Issue 1, Spring 1998

  • Connecting the World: Greater Seattle’s Telecommunications Industry
  • Other topics: Trade Alliance Mission to Japan, Free Business Listing on Internet

Volume VI

Issue 4, Fall 1997

  • Looking South: Trade Alliance Leads Mission to South America; Meets With President Clinton
  • Other topics: Outdoors in Greater Seattle: Outdoor Recreational Equipment Industry, Building Bridges Internationally

Issue 3, Summer 1997

  • Design By Seattle: World Class Architecture & Engineering
  • Other topics: Schmooze, South American Mission Update, International Calendar of Events

Issue 2, Spring 1997

  • Letter from the New Chair: By Stanley D. Savage
  • Other topics: Country Profile: Brazil, Flying the Silk Road to Uzbekistan, New Ag Brochure

Volume IV

Issue 3, Summer/Fall 1995

  • Trade Alliance Journeys Onto Internet
  • Other topics: Country Profile: Chile, World Trade Center Update, In the Works, King & Queen of Norway

Issue 2, Spring 1995

  • University of Washington: Internationally Focused
  • Other topics: Washington State China Relations Council Profile on China, Ne3w Faces, Industry Profile: Greater Seattle’s Medical Sector

Issue 1, Winter 1995

  • Snohomish County Joins the Alliance
  • Other topics: Country Focus: Hong Kong, Alliance Trade Missions, In the Works, Industry Profile: Seattle International Trade Center

Volume III

Issue 3, Fall 1994

  • Port of Seattle’s Conference Center Fosters International Trade & Tourism
  • Other topics: Inter-American Development Bank Profile on Latin America, In Trhe Works, Industry Profile: Columbia Resource Group

Issue 2, Summer 1994

  • Trade Development Alliance Mission to Southeast Asia
  • Other topics: Country Profile: Malaysia, TDA Moves Offices, International Marketing Report, World Trade Center License

Issue 1, Winter/Spring 1994

  • The Trade Alliance: A User’s Guide
  • Other topics: Pacific Rim Business Information, Mission/Services, In the Works, Industry Profile: RXL Communication

Volume II

Issue 3, Summer 1993

  • Seattle’s Sister City in Chongqing
  • Other topics: In the Works, Country Focus: Vietnam

Issue 2, March 1993

  • Hasbro and the Port of Seattle: The Partnership Paradigm
  • Other topics: Is Seattle User Friendly, In The Works, Region Focus: Kansai Japan, Discover Conference

Issue 1, December 1992

  • Letter from the Labor Movement: International competition requires union-management alliances
  • Other topics: Mission Broadens Business Ties, Country Focus: Hong Kong, In the Works, Marketing Kit Wins Award

Issue 1, Winter 1999

  • Other topics:

Volume I

Issue 4, July 1992

  • Letter from the County: A regional response to international competitiveness
  • Other topics: Changing of the Guard, International Education, Country Focus: Taiwan, In the Works, 1992 European Study Mission

Issue 3, April 1992

  • Letter from the Port: Collaborative solutions to global competition
  • Other topics: The Seattle Clothing Industry, Country Focus: Germany, Two Publications Ready In April, In The Works

Issue 2, November 1991

  • Letter from the Mayor: The Alliance: Crossroads for cooperation
  • Other topics: “Selling” Seattle, In The Works

Issue 1, August 1991

  • Letter from the Chairman: The reasons behind the creation of a new organization
  • Other topics: Up and Running, In The Works, Advisory Committee: Reaching out to a broader Constituency

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