Greater Seattle Economy


Greater Seattle’s economy is high-tech, innovative, and diverse, home to nine Fortune 500 companies and where over 40% of jobs are tied to international trade and business.


Greater Seattle’s economy is driven by innovations that consistently transform the world. Our aerospace industry is the global standard: we build more than 90% of Boeing’s planes and have 650 other aerospace companies in the region. We are a world leader in cloud computing and software development, home to industry pioneers such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Tableau. The region’s largest university, the University of Washington, is the top recipient of federal research dollars among all U.S. public universities and has launched 18 start-up companies in FY 2014.  And we have more than 480 life sciences and global health organizations that are revolutionizing healthcare all over the world. Not to mention, Seattle was voted the nation’s most sustainable city in 2014 and is home to the world’s greenest commercial building. Greater Seattle is where new ideas and products are cultivated every day.

Globally Connected

Next door to Canada and equidistant by air between Europe and Asia, Greater Seattle’s location is ideal for connecting to international markets. Combined, our ports make up the 3rd largest container complex in the United States and the Seattle-Tacoma International airport offers non-stop routes to 21 international locations. Thanks to these global connections, Greater Seattle’s economy is steeped in international trade: we are ranked as the fifth largest metropolitan export region in the U.S with over $57 billion in transactions.


Greater Seattle is recognized for having a highly skilled and talented workforce. We have the highest concentration of skilled aerospace workers in the United States and over 176,600 technology-based workers. And, more than half of the population in the city of Seattle has a bachelor’s degree. The region is also home to a major university, a world-renowned cancer research center, and numerous community and technical colleges.

Diverse Industries

From aerospace and ICT to life sciences and maritime, Greater Seattle’s economy has a number of thriving industries. To learn more about them, click here.