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Hyogo Business & Cultural Center (Hyogo Prefectural Government)

Community/Non-profit Organization, Consular Corps/Foreign Trade, Business Services
1001 4th Ave, #4310
Seattle, WA 98154
UNITED STATES (Get Directions)

About Hyogo Business & Cultural Center (Hyogo Prefectural Government)

About Hyogo Business & Cultural Center

Since opening in 1990, The Hyogo Business and Cultural center has served thousands of people to further mutual understanding and international relations between the State of Washington and Hyogo Prefecture. We meet this goal through educational outreach, supporting language education, offering cultural workshops, assisting  student and teacher exchanges, hosting a Japan-related library open to the public, business development services, and sister city support. The Hyogo Business and Cultural Center also collaborates with a number of community organizations and events to increase awareness of multicultural issues, Hyogo prefecture, and Japan as a whole. We look forward to maintaining many of our current programs as well as developing future programs and events in the coming years. If you have ideas or questions related to a past, present, or future program, please feel free to contact our office.

Expand your business into the Japanese Market –

The Hyogo Business & Cultural Center offers a wide range of business services, including facilitating market research, disseminating information, and finding and introducing possible business partners  especially in Hyogo Prefecture.

For more detailed information regarding Business in Hyogo, please visit

Advantages to establishing a business in Hyogo-

1.    Cost Benefit (comparison to Tokyo)

       Office Rent and Labor Costs: over 30% less expensive

      *Hyogo Kobe Area Data

2.    Ideal Market for your pilot operation

       A significant market size located in the Kansai area (Kinki Region), which is equivalent in scale to           Holland.

      *GDP comparison of Japan’s regions with some countries (US$ billion)

3.    Individually customized business support both in Japan and the US.

Think of us as an overseas office without the overhead. Our goal is to help boost our region’s economy by assisting your business as the Representative Office of Hyogo prefecture.

For more detailed information, please contact [email protected]


Company Contacts

Kayo Tomlinson |
Masaaki Matsuura |
Takanori Kitaoka |
Norihisa Mizuguchi |
Yuko Saika |
Hideaki Kawachi | Executive Director
Nathan Stackpoole | Lead Project Assistant