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End User Information Guide

Safety considerations:

Read this User Information Guide carefully. All of the instructions contained in it are intended to warn you of potential risks of serious injury and death and to reduce such risks. If they are not heeded and followed, the risk of serious injury or death could increase.  It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with this User Information Guide and to use your garments in accordance with its instructions.

Limitations of use:

This garment is intended to provide limited protection to you in the event of exposure during a flash fire.  This garment will also provide limited protection to you in the event of an electrical arc flash.  This garment will not protect against any extended exposure to direct flame or high heat and is not intended for use in any firefighting or other emergency operations, including wildland firefighting, technical rescue, or structural firefighting.

This garment alone will not protect you from all hazards. You or your employer must conduct a hazard and risk assessment to determine the suitability of this garment for its intended purpose. Additional garments or personal protective equipment may be necessary to provide you complete protection that includes, but is not limited to head protection, eye/face protection, hand protection, foot protection, respirators, hearing protection, fall protection, high visibility apparel, and other protective garments.

This garment will not protect you if not properly maintained. Do not use this garment if soiled, contaminated, or damaged. Soiling and contamination of this garment may render this garment non-compliant. Clean this garment in accordance with the instructions provided in the Care Content section. If you have any doubt about the condition of this garment, do not wear it and have it replaced or reviewed.  Failure to understand these limitations for use may result in serious injury or death.

Marking recommendations and restrictions:

The use of NON-FLAME or non-heat resistant insignias of any kind ranging from; patches, embroideries, silk-screens, Velcro’s or even heat transfers should be kept to a minimum.  Any insignias with a surface coverage larger than 2.5” x 2.5” should be reviewed with a supervisor who understands the NFPA 2112 Standard.  It is possible; any type of non-flame or heat resistant insignia larger than 2.5” x 2.5” may compromise the garment in the event of a flash fire or electrical arc exposure.

If hand written markings are desired on your garment, we recommend they be on the interior of the garment with an industrial laundry marker; ie. Sharpie pen etc.

Warranty information:  LIFETIME WARRANTY: DragonWear® proudly guarantees the quality and performance of all our products. Items with defects in materials or workmanship will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of DragonWear® for the practical lifetime of the product.


This warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, improper care, negligence, normal wear and tear, or the natural breakdown of colors and materials over extended time and use. Damage not covered under the warranty may be repaired at a nominal charge at the discretion of Dragonwear.


Unfortunately, this does not mean your lifetime. Your DragonWear® product likely will not survive to the ripe old age of 85. We build our products to last over extended periods of use, but nothing lasts indefinitely. Fabrics will deteriorate and fade over time and moving parts will wear out. We will cover your product under our warranty policy until such a time that we have deemed the product to be worn out beyond reasonable repair. If the product is showing the signs of its age—for instance, the fabric has become thin or faded, there are rips and tears, the zippers no longer catch, or the cuffs are fraying—we will take this into consideration when assessing your product for a warranty request.

By taking care of your equipment, you will ensure a longer lifetime for your gear. We recommend that you follow the specific care instruction label sewn into every Dragonwear garment and visit our Product Care page for more information on how to wash and care for Dragonwear. Use your judgment when assessing whether your product is likely to be covered under our warranty policy. It may simply be time to replace your product, and we hope that DragonWear® will have the opportunity to continue providing you with superior quality products and service in the future.


Dragonwear® garments are well known in the protective apparel market for great fit, function and comfort.  Proper fit and function relate directly to the wearer's ability to perform assigned jobs. Issues of proper fit are directly associated with the risk of injury. Protective clothing that restricts movement will result in lost efficiency and can promote injury and illness.  Proper sizing is a factor in the ability of a person to perform tasks that often involve life or death situations. Protective clothing must fit well to function properly when additional safety equipment or other garments are worn. In addition, the selection of flame-resistant clothing item size has a direct impact on maintaining appropriate protection in areas where the flame-resistant clothing item has an interface with safety equipment or other protective clothing items.  In occupations such as the petrochemical industry, ASTM F1731, Standard Practice for Body Measurements and Sizing of Fire and Rescue Services Uniforms and Other Thermal Hazard Protective Clothing, might be found useful when selecting protective clothing for technical operations. Below is our sizing chart that details the recommended sizing of clothing to select based on the measurements of the individual.

The DragonWear® FR Clothing Sizing Chart below is based on actual body measurements. Follow the guidelines below to determine your size.

Chest: Measurement should be taken around the fullest part, just under the arms and across the shoulder blades.

Sleeves: With elbow bent, measure from center (back) of neck to elbow and down to wrist.

Waist: Measure around waist at the height you prefer to wear the waistband. 

Inseam: Use your best-fitting pants as a guide. Lay them flat and measure from the center of the crotch, along the inner leg seam down to the hem. This measurement is your desired inseam.

Hip: Measure around fullest point of hips.

Tall sizes: Tall sizes: Adds 2" to torso and 1.5" to sleeve.

Recommended garment storage practices:

After the garment has been cleaned and inspected, store your garments in a place that will protect them from direct sunlight heat and excessive moisture. Never store your garments in direct sunlight, as this condition may cause permanent damage. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. Exposure to ultraviolet light will cause the garment to lose tensile strength. Once started, there is no way to repair this type of deterioration. Wet garments will promote the growth of mildew and fungus, which will permanently damage your garments.

Garment Inspection frequency and details

Inspect your garment upon receipt, at least once a month, before and after each use, cleaning and/or following any application where the garment has been subjected to damage or contamination. In the event of exposure to hazardous materials, isolate the garment and perform the inspection only after the garment has been decontaminated.  If you have any concerns, please contact our Customer Support staff to help answer any questions you may have.

Clothing donning and doffing procedures:

For Donning, we recommend that you try on the garment for proper sizing and fit before using in the service.  After sizing and fit is accurate, for garments with zipper closures or functioning tabs of any kind, we suggest making sure each of these features function properly before put this garment into service.  We recommend that you check with your employer on what you can wear underneath this FR garment for added safety and protection.  For doffing, after each use, remove the garment and inspect the garment for any damages or worn areas that may need attention before the next time put into service.

Proper use consistent with NFPA 2113 Standard on Selection, Care, Use, and Maintenance of Flame Resistant Garments for Protection of Industrial Personnel Against Flash Fire, 2018 Edition, requires that garments cover the upper and lower body and flammable under layers as completely as possible. DragonWear® garments meet this requirement either as a single garment such as a coverall or when worn with another certified garment such as a shirt or pants to provide both upper and lower body coverage.

Cleaning instructions and precautions:

Do not dry clean; solvents may damage your garment.  Do not use chlorine bleach.  Do not use fabric softeners; fabric softeners can be oil based and can contribute to fabric flammability.   Follow the specific washing care instructions detailed on the care label in your garment.   Cold or warm washing recommended per the AATCC 135 wash test method.  We do not recommend Hot washing (above 120°F or 49°C) for any Dragonwear clothing.  Drying should be done either line dry or tumble dry on low or medium heat in accordance with the garment care label.  Hot drying temperatures or extended drying time will also cause greater material shrinkage.   Overly hot water may cause excessive material shrinkage.  Proper laundering will help to keep protective garments clean to help ensure that flammable contaminants from the workplace are removed prior to use.

Maintenance criteria and methods of repair where applicable:

Before and after each use, inspect all components for:

  • Rips, tears, holes
  • Brittle/stiff material
  • Discoloration
  • Charring
  • Cleanliness
  • Other Fabric damage
  • Damage to pockets
  • Seam integrity
  • Hardware function
  • Closure(s) operation
  • Size and fit

If any component is found to be damaged or missing, remove the clothing item from service and have it repaired or replaced.  If the damage or defect is due to our workmanship, please contact our Customer Support at 800-873-5725.  Please note, not all repairs can be made or are covered under the warranty if the garment shows normal “wear and tear” or damage is deemed to be caused by the end user or conditions outside the intended use for the garment.  Some some charges may apply for garment repairs or to replace garments at the discretion of Dragonwear.

Garment replacement and disposal criteria:

We recommend that if your FR garment has been in contact with any hazardous chemicals at any time during its life that cannot be fully removed through recommended laundering that it be destroyed.  Also, if the garment has been affected by sunlight, UV light or general use conditions where your garment becomes stiff, weakened or torn, or has been improperly laundered that the garment be removed from service immediately and disposed of properly.  You may need to check your local or state requirements for proper disposal of contaminated garments.  We also recommend cutting the garment into small “un-wearable” pieces prior to disposal so that they cannot be mistakenly worn again.