Gift Guide

Cultural Notes – Latin America


  • Due to high taxes on liquor, this makes for a good gift. Avoid giving wines for the Southern Cone produces good quality wines.
  • Any gift should be of high quality. Gifts with company logos should appear discreetly.
  • Avoid bringing leather gifts. Argentina is a major cattle and leather producer.
  • If giving a gift of flowers, the Bird-of-paradise is highly appreciated.


  • Avoid giving gifts of black or purple, as they are colors for mourning.
  • Giving a gift is not required at a first meeting. An invitation to lunch or dinner is appropriate.


  • Gifts are not required until the relationship is closer.
  • If you receive a gift, open it in front of the giver and extend your thanks.


  • Gifts are not given during the first meeting. Wait until a relationship is established.
  • Do not present a gift during business hours. The best time to present a gift is during a long lunch.
  • Gifts that are useful (a lighter, pen or books) are good gifts for business.
  • The orchid is the national flower.
  • Women do not give gifts to businessmen.
  • Never arrive empty handed, if invited to a person’s home.


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