The Trade Alliance’s International Gift Guide, catalogs local vendors, retailers and locations where Washington state made products can be purchased for gift giving. Along with the gift guide, we have incorporated a “how-to” guide for international gift giving that emphasizes the different cultures and customs of giving.


We purchase products from these local vendors and retailers to use as gifts on our outbound missions. We have found that gift recipients in many different countries enjoy the Washington made gifts and appreciate their uniqueness. The gifts are symbolic of our region and this leaves a lasting impression on the individual. Through experience and much gift giving, the Trade Alliance has comprised a list of some of the local establishments that provide products made in Washington.


Find local gifts – Coming Soon!

Cultural notes for gift giving

Through outbound missions and hosting activities the Trade Alliance has connected with many different cultures. We have put together notes on the different customs surrounding gift, as well as references for more comprehensive cultural information and business customs.

Visit our Cultural Notes for Gift Giving guide.