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Global Consulting & Investments, Inc

Banking/Financial Services, Business Services
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About Global Consulting & Investments, Inc

Global Consulting & Investments consulting firm specializes in strategy, execution and performance, and increasing top line and bottom line revenues.  Alida Skold founded the firm after traveling to emerging and frontier economies and witnessing incomplete business strategies and financial systems.  Consulting in Africa to restructure a savings and loan bank into a mortgage bank drove the development of her thesis to increase ease of access to global reserve currency. 

The firm’s consultants are experts in strategy and performance alignment, management execution on strategy in a high performance organizational culture, risk management, and in developing go to market strategies, channel methodologies, effective process, productivity disciplines and meaningful metrics to generate revenue and margins with repeatable, dependable and predictable results.  Whether your company is doing business in a developed economy or one that is developing, we can provide solutions.  Please find our website at and contact us at [email protected].


Company Contacts      

Alida Skold  President and CEO

Consults on strategy mapping ad execution, risk management, and performance alignment

Email: [email protected]


Michael Pearce   Director

Consults on building sales teams, go to market strategies, channel methodologies, process, and productivity.

Eamil: [email protected]


Company Contacts

Alida Skold |