Our world class infrastructure connects cargo, visitors, and tourists moving between Greater Seattle and the world. Whether it is Sea-Tac Airport with 28 international air routes, marine ports, rail and highways our infrastructure brings tremendous value in the form of time, efficiency and savings.

Strategically located

Greater Seattle is competitively located for the global economy. Our ports are one sailing day closer to Asia than other West Coast ports, with the Port of Everett offering the closest US shipping facility to Alaska and the Far East of any US port in the nation.

Multimodal freight transport

Together, the ports of Seattle and Tacoma are the second-largest container transshipment point in the US, shipping a combined $20.4 billion dollars of US products in 2011.

A system of maritime transport, trucking, rail and air moves this cargo smoothly and efficiently to and from Washington state to US and international destinations. Our major freight transport assets include:

Multimodal freight transport system

  • Ports of Seattle, Tacoma, and Everett
  • Sea-Tac International Airport and 25 public-use airports
  • Rail service: BNSF and Union Pacific, and multiple shortline rail systems
  • Easy trucking access to Interstates 5, 405, and 90
  • Over 800 acres of container terminals
  • Highly skilled, experienced workforce and trade support services
  • Two grain terminals
  • Around 10 million cubic feet cold storage facilities

The region also has many distribution facilities, several bulk terminals that handle a wide range of cargo and multiple break bulk facilities.

Operated by the Port of Seattle, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is the nation’s 16th largest in terms of passenger numbers and provides a vital function for international travelers and cargo. SeaTac served over 33 million passengers in 2012, a record for the airport.

Foreign Trade Zones

Exporters and importers take advantage of Greater Seattle’s four Foreign Trade Zones (FTZs). FTZs offer a way to import, reconfigure and add value and export goods without being exposed to customs duties or taxes.

Foreign Trade Zone No. 85
Administered by the Port of Everett
Contact: Mimi Dillman

Foreign Trade Zone #86 Administered by the Port of Tacoma Contact: Janice Oldenburg, (253) 593-4550

Foreign Trade Zone 212
Administered by Puyallup Tribal Foreign-Trade Zone Corp., 1850
Contact: Kelly Crowman, (253) 203-0050

Foreign Trade Zone #5
Contact: Oshu Go, (206) 787-3271