Greater Seattle is a premier center for international trade in the global economy. From the exchange of merchandise through our ports to our services exports and global companies, our international connections position us as one of the most competitive regions in the US for international business and trade.

Global gateway

Equidstant by air to Asia and Europe, we are extremely strategically located for international business. We are a hub for cargo going to and from the US Midwest and the East Coast, with exports roughly double the US average. In fact, Washington state exported over $7.5 billion in merchandise in 2011, the fifth highest value in the US.

One of the most internationally connected regions in the US

International trade is more than the exchange of goods and services – it encompasses international students, foreign direct investment, tourism, culture and many more important relationships. This activity is vitally important to our region.

Discover Greater Seattle’s trade relationships, world-class infrastructure and business community that has made the region one of the most internationally connected in the United States.
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