Journalists’ Reference Guide

World Class Agricultural Products

From apples to wheat, Washington state companies grow, process and ship more than 100 different crops. One of the nation’s top ten agriculture exporting states, Washington growers in every corner of the state produce crops for sale here and abroad. Agriculture accounts for one fifth of the state’s annual gross product. In 2000, farmers earned $5.4 billion, ranking Washington’s farms among the top twelve in the nation.

Washington ranks first in the nation in the production of apples, lentils, processing carrots, potatoes for french fries, and cherries. Ideal conditions for wine grapes have made Washington second only to California as a U.S. wine producer. Wheat, potatoes, asparagus, peas, lentils, poultry, beef, berries of all kinds; the list of locally grown commodities numbers more than 100. Many varieties of fresh seafood and produce can be sampled daily at Seattle’s Pike Place Market.