Journalists’ Reference Guide

Top Universities & Colleges

Greater Seattle and Washington state possess one of the finest public and private college and university systems in America. Students can choose among state universities such as the University of Washington, Washington State University, Western Washington University and Evergreen State College or smaller public and private universities such as Whitman College, Seattle University, the University of Puget Sound and Seattle Pacific University. Each of these schools offers quality and diversity. The crown jewel of the state’s education system is the University of Washington (UW), which is located in Seattle (with branches in Tacoma and Bothell) and has more than 34,000 students. The UW is one of the nation’s outstanding, comprehensive research institutions and one of the top federal grant recipients in the United States.

University research includes landmark work in kidney dialysis, cancer treatment, ceramic engineering, integrated current design, software development, oceanography and forest resources. Washington State University in Pullman has recently received national recognition for research in biogenetics, high-yield and disease-resistant wheat strains and monoclonal antibodies. In addition, private four-year colleges such as the University of Puget Sound, Pacific Lutheran University and Seattle University provide top-flight undergraduate and graduate programs. Henry Cogswell College in Everett focuses on preparing students for the high tech world. Numerous community colleges such as Edmonds Community College and North Seattle and South Seattle Community Colleges provide quality educational programs throughout the region. A number of specialty schools, including the Art Institute of Seattle, are also located here.