Journalists’ Reference Guide

Celebrating Cultural Diversity

Greater Seattle welcomes cultures and languages from around the globe. Our area’s communities maintain more than 25 sister city and county relationships with regions all over the world, reflecting our keen interest in and commitment to global ties. More than 20 consulates and a number of foreign trade offices are located in the region. The Ethnic Heritage Council represents hundreds of organizations and individuals promoting diversity and cross-cultural understanding. An appreciation of languages, tradition and arts of the world is reflected in our daily lives, in schools and offices, in museums, theaters and restaurants.

Students at Greater Seattle area public schools come from homes where 77 languages are spoken. Our region demonstrates how foreign language skills and cultural sensitivity can contribute to economic success and a rich cultural landscape. Whether it is the variety of Asian-language newspapers, the Oktoberfest celebrations, Moroccan restaurants or a visit to the Wing Luke Museum or Nordic Heritage Museum, a multitude of sites, events, products and places reflect the diversity of cultural traditions that make up the Greater Seattle scene.