Journalists’ Reference Guide

Center of High Technology:
A Science Region

Stretching from the high tech corridor in Snohomish County through Seattle/King County and down into Pierce County, we are a region of technology, a science region. Some cities boast of technology parks. The Greater Seattle area is one big technology park. Our region has an economy centered on industries of the future. We are home to industry leaders in aerospace, computer software, biotechnology, telecommunications and many other high tech sectors. Boeing Commercial Aircraft and Microsoft, two of the most recognized names for technology, are located here, as are thousands of other technology companies both big and small. Companies such as Nintendo of America, AT&T Wireless, ZymoGenetics and all call Greater Seattle home.

More than 2,500 software companies and nearly 500 environmental service technology firms are located in the region. Greater Seattle is one of the nine largest biotechnology centers in the United States. Research institutions such as the University of Washington and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center attract talent and funds creating synergy with the private high technology sector. Washington state, especially the Greater Seattle area, is far above the national average in terms of high tech activity. Employment in five tech sectors is at least 15 percent higher than the national average. More new technology companies are created here per capita than any other state in the nation—twenty percent more than in California and double the median for all other states. Greater Seattle’s economy is truly centered on the future.