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Many of the information technology companies in Greater Seattle are easily recognizable with Microsoft, and Nintendo of America located here. But you may not be aware of the extraordinary breadth and depth of the industry. Washington state’s software and Internet industry is comprised of over 3,000 companies. The industry generated over $30 billion in annual sales in 2000 and employed approximately 61,000 people. From digital media to, from educational software to network connectivity Greater Seattle is home to industry leaders.

The state is home to the world’s largest software company, biggest online retailer, and largest private software company, yet the majority of technology businesses here are small. Within the WSA (formerly Washington Software Alliance) membership, 39 percent of firms have five employees or less and two-thirds of companies reported no more than $5 million in 2000 revenue. Exporting has become a proven path to success for many firms, some of which now generate over half their revenues from overseas sales.