Which region of the United States is home to the world’s largest airplane manufacturer, the largest software company in the world and one of the world’s leading cancer research centers? Which state operates the third largest port complex, are leaders in emerging cloud computing technology and is home to the leading e-commerce company and gourmet coffee firm? The answer is the Greater Seattle region and Washington state—a part of the US you need to learn more about.

Top story ideas

The Greater Seattle area is one of the most dynamic, internationally connected regions in the world. From our innovative companies to our great quality of life, we are a treasure trove of stories. Here are a few to get you started.

The global center for aerospace

Greater Seattle and Washington state is the global leader in aerospace. From the first flight over Seattle in 1910 to the first commercial flight using aviation biofuels, our companies and research institutions are leading the aerospace industry of today – and tomorrow.

The founding of the Boeing Company in Greater Seattle has given rise to a critical mass of some 800 aerospace firms in Washington state. A highly skilled workforce powers the industry, and training and education is available in all areas, ensuring Washington state’s leadership in years to come.

Building our interconnected world

The IT and telecommunications firms in Greater Seattle are transforming the way we interact with and communicate information. Not only are we home to the largest software company in the world, Microsoft, we are home to many other leaders that are specializing in areas such as e-commerce, cloud computing, IT infrastructure, supercomputing and cybersecurity. Modern day telecommunication was also born in Washington state with McCaw cellular. Home to over 3,000 software companies and 14,820 software developers, the area is a hub for global talent and innovation.

Global trade center

By air, land and sea Greater Seattle brings goods and services to people all over the U.S. and the world. Equidistant by air to Asia and Europe with natural deep water ports, we are a pivotal distribution center in the global economy. Our ports are container shippers to and from Asia, and breakbulk cargos of machinery and grain move from the America heartland to the far reaches of the world.

Life sciences and research

Greater Seattle has long been a leader in the life sciences and a center for medical research. Treatments such as bone marrow transplantation pioneered at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center have saved thousands of lives. Today, institutions such as the University of Washington, Institute for Systems Biology and Infectious Disease Research Institute are at the forefront of new therapies for HIV/AIDS, malaria and diabetes, as well as the application of IT in medical technology and biostatistics, improving health and patient outcomes for many around the globe.

The most internationally connected region in the United States

According to the International Competitiveness Strategy for Washington State, around 40% of all jobs in the state are tied to international trade. This means that most people have an international story to tell; whether it is a hotel or barber, global industry leader, student, startup or farmer, international trade is a vital part of our region’s economy.

Photo opportunities

Greater Seattle’s scenic vistas and diverse architectural styles offers many opportunities for great photos. Here’s a few locations to get you started.

West Seattle

(looking east towards city)
Exit West Seattle Freeway from I-5 or Highway 99 and drive towards West Seattle. Exit on Admiral Street. You will go up a moderately large hill. Near the top of the hill, on your right, will be a pull-off point. That is where the view is.

Queen Anne Hill

(looking south towards city)
From our office, drive north on 4th Avenue. Turn left on Denny. Turn right on 1st Avenue past Larry’s Market (on your right) and Easy Street Records (on your left). Turn on Roy Street. Turn right onto Queen Anne Avenue. Follow this up the hill. About half-way up the hill, turn left on Highland. Follow Highland about half a block until you will see a grass clearing on your left. This will give you a great shot of the city looking south.

Dr. Rizal Park, from Beacon Hill

(looking north towards city)
From our office, take 5th Avenue South towards the International District. Turn left on Jackson Street. Turn right on 12th. Follow this approximately 3 blocks or so. Look back and to your right and you will see Dr. Rizal Park and a good view of the city. If you get to Atlantic Street you have gone too far.

Mukilteo Ferry Terminal

(Good shots of ferries & lighthouse)
From Interstate 5 North or South, take Highway 525 North exit. Proceed 8 miles on Highway 525 and turn right on Front Street. The following three locations are accessed from Pacific Avenue in downtown Tacoma. Take City Center exit from Interstate 5, then the South 21st Street exit. Turn left at the stoplight and go one block, immediately getting into the right-hand lane. The next stoplight is at Pacific Street. Turn right.

Tacoma’s New Museum District

(Chihuly Bridge of Glass, Museum of Glass Esplanade & Thea Foss Waterway)
From Pacific Avenue in the 1900 block of Tacoma, walk across the pedestrian-only Chihuly Bridge of Glass—great photo opportunities from the bridge back at downtown Tacoma and south across the Thea Foss Waterway with Mount Rainier in the background. Cross the bridge onto the Museum of Glass rooftop for additional great vistas.

Tacoma Art Museum

1701 Pacific Avenue—just one long block north of the Chihuly Bridge of Glass. Go to the top floor, open-air deck to shoot the vista which includes the Museum of Glass and its landmark, angled, 28-meters silver cone Hot Shop, plus Thea Foss Waterway with Mount Rainier in the background.

View of port, water & Tacoma

From downtown, take Pacific Avenue south straight up the hill. Turn left on E. 38th Street and follow it across a ravine bridge—Stanley & Seaforts is on the left just past the bridge. Great view from deck of downtown Tacoma, Commencement Bay and the Port of Tacoma.

Boeing Facilities, Everett

From Interstate 5 North or South, take Exit 189 to State Highway 526 West. Drive for about 3 and 1/2 miles and then follow the signs to the Tour Center. It is located near the west end of the assembly building.

Everett Waterfront, incl. Navy Homeport

From Interstate 5 North or South, take Pacific Exit. Take a right on Grand Street. At 16th and Grand is park with lookout and great views of waterfront.