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Laser Guidance Inc.

Aerospace/Aviation, Consultancy, Defense/Security
14746 NE 95th Street
Redmond, WA 98056
UNITED STATES (Get Directions)
(206) 909-2471

About Laser Guidance Inc.

Laser Guidance, Inc. based in Redmond, WA, designs, manufactures, and installs solar powered LED airfield and roadway lighting systems worldwide. Since 1993, Laser Guidance has pioneered visual aids for piloting guidance during critical landing and docking operations. Our laser-based systems, now licensed to Raytheon, are in use on every US Navy aircraft carrier and our portable systems have been delivered to the US Army and the UN. Our solar powered LED civilian airport systems leverage Laser Guidance’ extensive military experience to provide the same performance and reliability standards with system installations in such varied and harsh environments as Bolivia, Mogadishu, and Equatorial Guinea.

Laser Guidance also manufactures LED solar streetlights targeting off-grid roadways for safer and more secure transportation infrastructure in developing countries, especially Sub-Sahara Africa. In addition, our solar powered LED area lights offer life-transforming opportunities for populations who, for eons, have been forced to live and work in the dark when the sun went down.

We are very excited to bring these 21st century technologies to the developing world. As a small local Redmond company, we utilize the products and services of numerous other local subcontractor companies in our products and will rely heavily on those relationships to support our expanding future business in Africa and elsewhere. 


Dr. David Shemwell, Ph.D.–President

Max Karst–Vice President


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