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Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) Los Angeles

Consular Corps/Foreign Trade
550 S Hope St, Suite 400
Los Angeles, CA 90071
UNITED STATES (Get Directions)
(213) 892 1238
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About Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) Los Angeles

he Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) is the government's principal agency for the promotion of the manufacturing and services sectors in Malaysia.


The best partner to investors distinguished by the integrity and professionalism of its people.
Incorporated as a statutory body under the Malaysian Industrial Development Authority (MIDA) Act, the establishment of MIDA in 1967 was hailed by the World Bank as "the necessary impetus for purposeful, positive and coordinated promotional action" for Malaysia's industrial development. Today, MIDA's is Malaysia's cutting-edge, dynamic and pioneering force in opening pathways to new frontiers around the globe.

MIDA assists companies which intend to invest in the manufacturing and services sectors, as well as facilitates the implementation of their projects. The wide range of services provided by MIDA include providing information on the opportunities for investments, as well as facilitating companies which are looking for joint venture partners.


To ensure Malaysia achieves its goal in economic transformation and its aspiration of a developed nation by 2020
To further enhance MIDA's role in assisting investors, senior representatives from key government agencies are stationed at MIDA's headquarters in Kuala Lumpur to advise investors on government policies and procedures. These representatives include officials from the Department of Labour, Immigration Department, Royal Malaysian Customs, Department of Environment, Tenaga Nasional Berhad and Telekom Malaysia Berhad.
MIDA also evaluates the following applications for projects in the manufacturing and its related services sectors:
  • Manufacturing licenses
  • Tax incentives
  • Expatriate posts
  • Duty exemptions on raw materials and components
  • Duty exemptions on machinery and equipment for agricultural sector and selected services sector

With the implementation of the self-declaration mechanism for granting import duty and/or sales tax exemption on machinery, equipment, spare parts, consumables, prime movers and container trailers for manufacturers in the principal customs area (PCA), companies engaged in a hotel business and haulage operators effective 2nd May 2014, MIDA is also responsible to issue a Confirmation Letter on the status of the applicant prior to seeking the permission from the Royal Malaysian Customs Department to claim for the exemption.

Investors are encouraged to discuss their project interests with MIDA officers at MIDA's headquarters in Kuala Lumpur or at its overseas or state offices closest to them. Information on investing can also be obtained from the  Getting Started section. Investors are also invited to visit MIDA's Business Information Centre (BIC) where published information on investment, trade, financing, productivity pertaining to the manufacturing and services sectors are available.