Research where products and services like yours are in demand and explore market conditions to determine potential target markets for your company. Note: some of these services may charge a subscription fee.

Market research resources

International Trade Centre

See which countries are importing products and services like yours, determine what types of tariffs you’re looking at for different countries and more using Trade Map Light. Administered by the International trade Centre.

TradeStats Express

Figure out where US products like yours are currently being sold (merchandise only). See who the biggest customers are of products from your state and the nation in general. Provided by the International Trade Administration.

U.S. Commercial Service

Get recommendations on the best prospects for US companies from U.S. Commercial Service experts that are stationed in nearly 80 countries.

USA Trade Online

See major markets for your products (merchandise only) in finer detail than is available on the TradeStats service. Maintained by the Foreign Trade Division of the U.S. Census Bureau.

WISER Trade Data

Shows you what countries are importing products like yours, shipment sizes, and growth trends. WISER is a subscription-based database.

Additional resources