Large Delegation of Ambassadors Visiting Greater Seattle

Greater Seattle welcomes today a delegation of Ambassadors from 34 different nations – a great opportunity to showcase our region and its top industries to a powerful global audience. The visit is part of the State Department’s “Experience America” trip, which has already brought ambassadors to 14 other US cities in recent years. This year, Greater Seattle was chosen thanks to “..the many business opportunities, technological advances and unique organizations based here.” said Jessica Andrews from the State Department’s Office of the Chief of Protocol. 

The ambassadors will have the opportunity to visit our industry anchors for aerospace and ICT – Boeing and Microsoft. They will also visit the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Bullitt Center, and the Future of Flight center. But the Trade Alliance is most pleased that this delegation will be able to participate in our Annual Dinner tomorrow evening, with the chance to meet with the region’s international business community – we urge all of you attending to greet these dignitaries, promote our region, and express our desire for partnerships and collaborations.

The ambassadors will be here until the 28th.


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