S. Korea’s new idea for electric vehicles

Electric vehicles are the car of the future for the world’s crowded cities, but current models are expensive and power is a problem. Engineers at South Korea’s KAIST University have a better idea, one that eliminates batteries, rails, and overhead wires. KAIST’s “online” electric vehicle picks up power from trips, or inverters, embedded into the road that provide power on the go.  South Korea produces its own nuclear power, which can produce a continuous supply of energy to fuel such a plan. Online buses are already running on the KAIST campus, and Seoul has promised $2 million for the underground charging system.

KAIST (formerly known as Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) is a research university located in Daedeok Science Town, Daejeon, South Korea. The Trade Alliance will visit KAIST on the next International Study Mission to Daejeon in 2010.

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