1992 International Study Mission to Amsterdam / Rotterdam

1992 International Study Mission to the Netherlands
Amsterdam and Rotterdam

April 21 – 29, 1992

“The Competitive Region” was the theme of the 10th annual Study Mission to Europe in 1992. Delegates who participated in this visit to the Netherlands and Germany examined the components of a region’s competitiveness: strategy, organization, infrastructure and education. The mission was inspired by the creation of the Trade Alliance that was patterned after the Amsterdam Promotion Agency (AMPRO). We rode Amsterdam’s public transit, toured German vocational training programs and explored the Port of Rotterdam. We heard and saw what the Dutch and Germans thought was important to their economic vitality and were impressed with the local officials’ understanding of their regions’ economies. The four-county Regional Economic Strategy project in the Puget Sound area was created as a result of the 1992 mission to Europe.

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