2008 International Study Mission to Helsinki

Check out Helsinki—destination of the May, 2008 International Study Mission.

2008 International Study Mission to Helsinki, Finland

May 15 – 24, 2008

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Finlandia Hall. Photo Copyright © 2007 Greater Helsinki Promotion

There is ‘old Europe’ and a ‘new Europe’ and then there is a country that is neither, or perhaps both. This is Finland…in just a short span it has repositioned itself as a technology wonderland, a nation on the move thanks to innovative companies and a highly-skilled workforce. —Financial Express.

Want to know how a traditional northern European country has become the most competitive in the world? Want to see the workings of a small urban region turned into a high tech powerhouse? Want to learn how a region turns out the most highly educated populace in the world? Then check out Helsinki—destination of the May, 2008 International Study Mission.

Ranked as the Best

    #2 World Most Competitive Economy according to the World Economic Forum

    #1 in the education in Europe according to World Economic Forum

    #1 in the World Economic Forum’s Environmental Sustainability Index

    #3 for R&D spending per capita

A Knowledge Economy and Education

    Mobile phone penetration in Finland is among the highest in the world at 96%

    Finland ranks 2nd worldwide in number of qualified engineers

    ICT cluster has increased from 4% of GDP in 1990 to more than 10% today

    Finnish students rank best in reading, fourth in math and third in science worldwide

    The system of knowledge transfer is the most developed in the world

Preparing for the Future

    Parliament’s “Committee for the Future” evaluates & assesses trends in the society, including technology.

    Helsinki’s economic strategy helps maintain its high technology, competitive economy.

The International Study Mission has an exciting agenda.
We’ll study: Low Cost/High Quality Health Care System, Energy, Nuclear Power, Functional Foods, Early Childhood Education, Ports and Logistics and Knowledge Economy, Tourism Strategy and More!

The traveling university that is the International Study Mission is accepting new students. Sign up now.

Includes a day in Tallinn, Estonia


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Contact Information

Agenda & Program Eva Zemandl |206.389.7319 | [email protected]

Travel & Registration Logistics Anne Maria Jacobson | 206-389-7220 | [email protected]

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