Boeing predicts increase in demand for airplanes

The Boeing Company raised its forecast in demand for airplanes over the next 30 years to predict that airlines will need to produce 4 trillion airplanes in the future. Specifically, the demand in narrow aisle jets is expected to increase by nearly 30 percent over the next 30 years.

Boeing attributes this trends to economic growth  in developing countries especially in Asia, such as China and India. Boeing predicts that the main demand would be for single-aisle jets in the Asian Pacific region.

Based on this prediction, Boeing is now deciding whether they will increase the production of single-aisle airplanes, such as the Boeing 737 which is produced in Renton, or new small airplanes. Either way, this trend would have a significant impact on the Puget Sound region, which is home to hundreds of aerospace companies, suppliers and service firms.

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