Top 10 countries visiting Seattle by hostel

According to the Worldwide Hostel Stay Statistics from American Hotel, which is a member of Hostelling International USA, the top 10 countries that visit Seattle by hostel are; the U.S. (1685 arrivals), Canada (333 arrivals), Australia (245 arrivals), Germany (221 arrivals), Japan (219 arrivals), France (163 arrivals), South Korea (143 arrivals), China (138 arrivals), England and Wales (120 arrivals) and Ireland (91 arrivals). This ranking closely corresponds to Seattle’s top 10 sources for international visitors. In fact, seven of the ten countries that have visited Seattle by hostel are represented in this list.

Hostelling has become a popular way to travel. Young visitors and back-packers especially prefer to stay at hostels since it is inexpensive. Moreover, hostels are more than just place to stay. Hostelling International USA aims to promote an international understanding of the world, and offers various programs to achieve this goal, such as Community Walls and International exchanges.

Speaking of tourism, visitors to Greater Seattle in 2010 spent a total $15.2 billion in the state and tourism generated 143,800 jobs, according to Seattle’s Convention and Visitors Bureau. These numbers are up compared to data from the last few years, and this trend has continued into 2011-2012.

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