Global health: growing jobs for Washington state

Did you know that jobs in global health include opportunities in food processing, clean technology, data storage and manufacturing?  A recent report demonstrates that the industry is witnessing a high growth rate in the state, opening up significant opportunities for jobs in these and other areas of global health. The report was released by the Washington Global Health Alliance and City of Seattle’s Office of Economic Development with research conducted by BERK, Inc. of Seattle.

Global health is defined as working to improve the health of the world’s most vulnerable populations (for the purposes of the report). The report identified 59 Washington organizations conducting global health work on every continent except Antarctica. The sheer scope of work involved, ranging from engineering a nutritionally fortified rice to treatment for infectious and chronic diseases is testament to the diverse partnerships taking place between companies to develop solutions in global health.

The global health sector has created nearly 3,000 Washington-based jobs in the sector and a remarkable 17,275 jobs outside of the state. The report also identified many service related opportunities that benefit by the growth of the global health sector, such as facilities and construction, data solutions, management and business support, and other professional services such as legal and consulting services.

Products and services developed in the global health sector represent a tremendous export opportunity for our state.  For more information and to read the entire report, visit the  Washington Global Health Alliance or City of Seattle’s Office of Economic Development.

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