2012 Greater Seattle International Study Mission To Chile

The Trade Development Alliance and the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce present the 2012 Greater Seattle International Study Mission to

Chile: Santiago, Valparaiso, and Viña del Mar

19th Greater Seattle International Study Mission

Chile offers interesting initiatives and challenges from which Greater Seattle can learn. Whether their innovative use of private toll roads or their remarkable success at earthquake preparation, Chile provides lessons for Greater Seattle. With the port city of Valparaiso, the successful branding of Chilean wine and efforts to balance power needs with environmental concerns, we will delve into best practices and challenges to help move forward our own region.
With a fast-growing economy that is also the most stable in South America, Chile is on the cusp of transitioning to fully-developed economy status, the first on the continent. Chile has been a leader in negotiating free trade agreements around the world. The business infrastructure and culture in Chile is the most modern in South America. The economy continues to grow at a six percent rate. Chile’s economic sectors – from timber to maritime to port – offer parallels and opportunities for the Greater Seattle region.
Come join the first International Study Mission to a South American destination. Trade and business with Latin America continues to grow and is a part of the world our region needs to engage with and understand.
Potential Areas of Study

  • Economic Development
  • Branding of the Wine Industry
  • Education
  • Ports/Cruise Ships
  • Privatization Programs
  • Energy and the Environment
  • Social Safety Net Program
  • Earthquake Preparedness
When the Panama Canal is widened in 2014, super container ships will be able to bypass U.S. West Coast ports and go directly to markets on the east coast. This could divert significant traffic from Puget Sound ports, putting at risk thousands of jobs in our region. Washington ports are already facing increasing competitive challenges. On this visit you will see up close what is happening in Panama and how they are maneuvering to position themselves as a logistics hub and how this will impact our region.

Join with our ports in finding solutions to keep our ports revving as the economic engines they are for the Puget Sound region.

Date: April 20-27, 2012
Location: Chile, South America
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