July is global health month

Greater Seattle’s discoveries in global health and life sciences clusters make headlines. At the time of the 1962 World’s Fair however, innovations in our IT and aerospace technologies were getting front page attention. The Next 50 (the celebration of the 50th year anniversary of the World’s Fair), working with the Washington Global Health Alliance, aims to educate the public and the international community about our expertise in global health by dedicating July as Global Health month.

Greater Seattle’s global health and life science clusters are hubs of research institutes, biotech and IT firms, and medical centers. Collaborations between these sectors results in ground breaking discoveries. A recent example can be found in Foldit, an interdisciplinary collaboration at the University of Washington that resulted in a breakthrough in AIDS research.

Global Health Month will feature many public events including: an experiential exhibit at the Seattle Center; Groundswell: A Night for Global Health and Agenda (formerly Party for a Cause) with Melinda Gates; Business Partnerships for Global Health: Successes, Obstacles and Opportunities; and Be the Change Student Competition, which promotes innovation in medical tools and public engagement in facing global health challenges.

For Global Health month’s roster of events, visit the Next Fifty’s website.

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